My Tour of Israel!

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Check out my tour of Israel by hovering over these places and clicking the link… Enjoy!



Environmental Challenges in Latin America

Latin America Environmental Challenges

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In class, we read and taught four article on environmental challenges in Latin America. See the Key Terms/Definitions below:


Saving Costa Rica’s Rainforest Protecting the Amazon

A person who works to preserve forest and wildlife.


A large number of wildlife and plants.


The process of cutting and clearing away trees.


Travel to natural places to observe wildlife and learn about the environment.

Slash and Burn

Forests are cleared to plant crops. Farmers slash or cut down trees. Burn fallen trees to clear the land.


The process of planting and restoring forests.


Fuel that comes from plant or animal waste.


Whole area drained by a river.


A community of living organisms and their natural environment.


A highly toxic element that attaches to tiny gold flakes in the mud and makes the gold easier to collect.


Smaller rivers and streams that flow into a larger river.


A native person living in an area for a long time.


Harnessing Water in Brazil Guatemala Adapts to Change
Hydroelectric Power

Electricity produced by moving water.


Artificial lake created behind the dam and stores water until it is needed.

Renewable energy

Energy that is able to be reused. (Example: Water)


A period of dryness, without rain.


The process of cutting down and completely clearing trees from the land.


Land management that conserves natural resources keeps them balanced. (Example: organic fertilizers instead of chemicals)

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Standard of Living! [Definition] A system of beliefs, values, and ways of doing things, shared by a group of people, passed down from generation to generation.

Check out these websites to practice seeing Standard of Living:



Good Quiz Review!



Hurricane Tracking!!!




We have been learning about Latitude and Longitude in World Geography, and now we are going to use it to TRACK A HURRICANE! The link below will take you to the NOAA Hurricane Website which shows whats happening in the world of Tropical Storms and Hurricanes. 

National Hurricane Center

I have also signed up for a chance to help a Texas classroom that has been affected by Hurricane Harvey… Please stay tuned for more details about how you can make a difference in the lives of Texas students…

The Holy Land!

Sometimes called the birthplace of three religions, the Holy Land is an exciting place to study and to visit! Mr. H traveled there in 2017 and here are some links to show you some of what he experienced… (hover over different areas on the maps to get the link)